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Journal of The Arab Society for Medical Researches (JASMR)
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Author Guidelines
Aims and Scope :
The Journal of the Arab Society for Medical Research (JASMR) welcomes original medical papers in the fields of basic, applied, clinical and biological research. Review articles, case reports, photo essays, book reviews and announcements are also accepted. The work should not be previously published or considered for publication elsewhere.
Submission of Manuscripts :
Manuscripts submission is on disk with accompanying manuscript as one original and 3 copies; typewritten in 1.5 spaces, Times New Roman, Size 12 on one side of A4 white paper with 2.5 cm margins. The title of the paper should be written in block letters. Name of the author or authors should appear as first name, initials for second name followed by the surname (family name). Author, co-authors, academic degree and affiliation for each author (department, hospital or academic institution) should be stated. CD-ROM, figures and pictures should be forward as hard copy.
Criteria of the acceptance :
All submitted manuscripts will be peer reviewed and only papers of good scientific merits are accepted. The acceptance criteria for all papers are the quality and originality of the research and its significance to our readership. Except where otherwise stated, manuscripts are peer reviewed by two anonymous reviewers and the Editor. The Editorial Board reserves the right to refuse any material for publication and advises that authors should retain copies of submitted manuscripts and correspondence as materials cannot be returned. Final acceptance or rejection rests with the Editorial Board. An initial decision will normally be made within 8 weeks of receipt of a manuscript.
Parts of the manuscript :
Manuscripts should be presented in the following order: (i) title page, (ii) abstract and keywords, (iii) text, (iv) acknowledgments, (v) references, (vi) Arabic summary.
Title page :
The title page should contain: (i) the title of the paper; (ii) the full names of the authors; and (iii) the addresses of the institutions at which the work was carried out together with (iv) the full postal address and email address, plus facsimile and telephone number of the author to whom correspondence about the manuscript, proofs and requests for offprints should be sent.
In keeping with the latest guidelines of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, each author's contribution to the paper is to be quantified.The title should be short, informative and contain the major key words.
Abstract and key words :
Articles must have a structured formate abstract that states in 250 words or less the purpose, basic procedures, main findings and principal conclusions of the study. Divide the abstract with the headings: Background and Aim, Methods, Results, Conclusions. The abstract should not contain abbreviations or references.
Five key words should be supplied below the abstract and should be taken from those recommended by the US National Library of Medicine's Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) browser list (
Text :
The main text should be structured into the following sections: Introduction, Materials (Subjets) and Methods, Results together with the accompaying tables & figures, and Discussion.
Tables and Figures :
Tables should be numbered as 1, 2, 3 and so on, and mentioned clearly in the main text. Provide a brief title for each table. No detailed legend should be included under the tables. Long tables should be avoided and preferably replaced by graphs.
Figures should be numbered as 1, 2, 3 and so on, and mentioned clearly in the main text. Provide a brief title for each figure on a separate page. No detailed legend should be involved under the figures. Digital images: black and white photographs should be scanned and saved in TIFF format at a resolution of 300 dpi. Please use uniform legends for the same subjects. For example: Figure 1 Pathological changes of atrophic gastritis after treatment. A: ...; B: ...; C: ...
Statistical data :
Present as mean SD or mean SE.
Statistical expression :
Express t test as t (in italics), F test as F (in italics), chi square test as χ2 (in Greek), related coefficient as r (in italics), degree of freedom as γ (in Greek), sample number as n (in italics), and probability as P (in italics).
Acknowledgments :
The source of financial grants and other funding should be acknowledged, including a frank declaration of the authors' industrial links and affiliations. The contribution of colleagues or institutions should also be acknowledged. Thanks to anonymous reviewers are not allowed.
References :
The Vancouver system of referencing should be used as revised the International Committee for Medical Journal Editors-October 2005; for details, please refer to: In the text, references should be cited using superscript Arabic numerals in the order in which they appear. If cited only in tables or figure legends, number them according to the first identification of the table or figure in the text.
In the reference list, the references should be numbered and listed in order of appearance in the text. Cite the names of all authors when there are six or less; when seven or more list the first three followed by et al. Names of journals should be abbreviated in the style used in MEDLINE.
Reference to unpublished data and personal communications should appear in the text only.
References should be listed in the following form:
Journal article
  Chan KL, Lau WY, Sung JY. Octreotide therapy for pancreaticopleural fistula. J. Gastroenterol. Hepatol. 1994; 9: 530-2.
  Sherlock S, Dooley J. Diseases of the Liver and Biliary. Oxford: Blackwell Science, 1993.
Chapter in a Book
  Lam SK. Academic investigator's perspective of medical treatment for peptic ulcer. In: Swabb EA, Szabo S, eds. Ulcer Disease: Investigation and Basis for Therapy. New York: Marcel Dekker, 1991; 431-50.
Journal article in electronic format
  Morse SS. Factors in the emergence of infectious diseases. Emerg. Infect. Dis.
(Serial online) 1995 Jan-Mar; 1 (1): (24 screens). [Cited 5 Jun1996.] Available from URL:
Manuscripts submitted to JASMR should include Arabic summary.

Proofs and Reprints :
One set of proofs will be sent to the corresponding Author as given on the title page of the manuscript. Only typesetter's errors may be corrected; no changes in, or additions to, the edited manuscript will be allowed. The proof must be completed and returned with corrected proofs.
Publication fee :
Authors of accepted articles must pay publication fee.
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