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The announce of the 7th International Conference - To Register in the 7th International Conference

Journal of The Arab Society for Medical Researches (JASMR)
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The Arab Society for Medical Research Aims to:

1- Support the co-ordination between countries of the Arab world in different fields of medical and scientific research.
2- Organization of Arab scientific and medical conferences for allowing Arab researchers to meet, share ideas, share experiences and hopefully, collaborate with one another.
3- Publication of a periodic scientific journal focusing on medical research.
4- Preparation and arrangement of training courses, workshops, and  meetings.
5- Participation in entertainment activities (social and cultural).  
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The 7th International conference 19 – 22
February, 2020
The 6th International conference 20 – 24
February, 2018
The 5th International conference 28 – 31
October, 2016

The 4th International conference 13 – 16
September, 2014

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