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About the Society

The Arab Society for Medical Research was established on 8 September 2004, under the aucepses of National Research Centre and The Leagues of Arab States, proceeding from the principle of Arab cooperation in all fields, especially the fields of health, science and technology, and believing in the role of scientific research in the medical sector in the Arab world for the valuable services that provides in diagnosing diseases and finding ways the appropriate technology to treat, eliminate or limit them.

The Arab Society for Medical Research is aiming to foster co-operation and networking of medical research of Arab countries, as well as help to find a mechanism for exchanging knowledge and programs between medical research institutes and centers and scientific colleges in the Arab countries, in order to advance medical research globally and contacting with the Arab Ministries of health.

The Arab society includes more than 1200 members from scientists of different medical fields from National Research Centre, different Institutes and Universities in Egypt or Arab Countries. The Arab Society held different workshops and training programs in different fields of recent medical research, as well as held every two-year International Conference inside or outside Egypt.



1-Support the co-ordination between countries of the Arab world in different fields of medical and scientific research.
2-Organization of Arab scientific and medical conferences for allowing Arab researchers to meet, share ideas, share experiences and hopefully, collaborate with one another.
3-Publication of a periodic scientific journal focusing on medical research.
4-Preparation and arrangement of training courses, workshops, and  meetings.
5-Participation in entertainment activities (social and cultural).



The Arab Society for Medical Research has been focusing on co-operation between Arabs in different areas of research works especially health, education and technology. One important goal is prevention, diagnosis and management of diseases. Another equally important goal is establishing channels and tools for exchange of knowledge and scientific programs between Arab research centers, institutes, medical and scientific faculties.